Open Source Projects

These are the projects I have developed or have been involved with during the last 20 years. Some of them were done as part of my work as a sysadmin or devOps engineer, others just because they were fun to do. They are separated on the current projects I’m working on or still maintain, and past projects that are unmaintained or I’m not a part of anymore but are worth mentioning.

Current Projects

These are the projects I’m currently working on. They mainly revolve around my work as a DevOps consultant, developing docker containers, ansible roles and scripts that help me with my work by automating different kind of tasks. I’m still missing uploading many scripts developed for customer projects that I need to curate first so the are more generic and can be used by anyone.

Past Projects & Activities

These are the projects I was involved since the early 2000’s for many years and no loger develop or are part of, but are worth mentioning.