At the end of last year Docker announced it would start enforcing data pull rate limits for its users. since Nov. 2 2020, these are the new limits:

  • Unauthenticated users will be restricted to 100 pulls every 6 hours
  • Authenticated free users will be restricted to 200 pulls every 6 hours

If you need a bigger amount of pulls you will need to get a paid plan. But Docker added a separate plan for open source projects called the Docker Open Source Program. Owners of docker hub namespaces that develop open source images can apply to this program to get those limits lifted, which means that the new data pull rate policies will not apply to the users pulling images from those namespaces. I applied and got accepted ! hurray !

The complete juanluisbaptiste namespace has been whitelisted thanks to the Docker Open Source Program, so it means that all my images, like the postfix SMTP relay or the OTRS image are included. For the mageia Linux images, as they are on a different organization I had to do a separate application to the program, but they should be accepted too soon.