This was really really long overdue, but at last, we have mageia 9 Docker images! Yay!

I’m really sorry for the delay, but there were some issues with mageia’s repositories for some architectures, and until the end of February of this year they were fixed by the infrastructure team. Then, I did not have some spare time to work on updating the Docker images until last week. But they are here now, and that is what it counts.

The update also includes cauldron and mageia 8, which is EOL now, but I wanted to give them a last update before I remove them from the build system in the coming days because the last update was at least, a couple of years ago. This does not mean that the mageia 8 image will be removed from Docker’s image repository, it only means that it will not be updated anymore.

Again, I’m sorry for the long time it took to have the images ready, if you have any issues with them, please open an issue and we’ll be happy to help!