I’m very happy because for the third time in a row, I have been invited to Campus Party Colombia to talk about free software or software development related topics. Campus Party, as defined by them is “known as the biggest technology, creativity, leisure and digital culture event in the world”. It lasts for seven days, and it has talks, workshops, gaming tournaments and another bunch of activities the 24 hours of the day during the whole week. It started in Spain on 1997 but since some years now it also takes place in other places around the world, like Brasil and Colombia. THe event is from June 28 to July 3.

In the 2008 edition I gave a talk about KDE 4, somewhat technical but at the same time for regular users, and also I did a workshop about Qtambi programming. The workshop assigment that time was to do a music player with an embedded web broswer able to load the wikipedia page of the current playing artist. Last year I also did a workshop about KDE programming, but this time about developing python plasmoids.

This year I will be giving a talk about KDE SC 4, but this time will be completely end user oriented and full of demos to spread the “WOW factor” of KDE, doing some demos of the coolest stuff KDE 4.4 has. The other activity I’m going to do is a workshop about OpenAM Single Sign On open source solution. If you have read my blog before, you should have noticed that OpenAM is a product I’m very familiar with because of my job. It will also have a demo of some of it’s main features (without going too technical) and the attendants will be doing their own SSO seup as part of the workshop.

I’ll try to post some pictures of the event as soon as I can.