Mageia 6 was released last week, so during this week I worked on updating the official docker images too. This new release includes a new package manager additional to urpmi called dnf from the Fedora Project, which makes it now possible to offer third-party free and open source software through Fedora COPR and the openSUSE Build Service targeting Mageia 6 and up. Through COPR or OBS, it is now possible for anyone to easily offer free and open source software built and tailored for Mageia, as well as free and open source software that is broadly compatible with Mageia along with other popular Linux distributions.

You can learn more about this new mageia release on the release notes, the docker images can be found at docker hub. Remember to create a container from this new image for mageia 6 you can do something like this:

  docker run -ti –name mageia mageia:latest bash

Check it out and please send any bug reports to the project’s github issues page.

Enjoy !