It took me a long time but finally I got some time to update our mageia docker images that were not updated since last year. One of the reasons for this is that the image update process is rather complicated, it has many steps to do to get the image built, tested and available as an official image at docker hub.
So to improve this process I have written a new tool called build2relase. This script takes care of:
  • Building images for all supported mageia versions and for the hardware architectures they support.
  • Prepare git branches for commit as needed by upstream.
  • Push new images to github.
  • Update and push the docker official images library.
This tool simplifies the update process significantly, the only thing missing after running it is to create a pull request to merge the docker library changes on our fork upstream.  Now, to build all images is simplified to running this command:

    # ./ -b -p -U -v

That command will build all images (-b), push them to github (-p) and update our docker-library/official-images fork (-U). With this  new tool updating images will be much faster and easier, which will mean image updates done more often, probably once a month at least.