This weekend I merged a PR that added the building o multi-arch images to docker-postfix. Now, additional to the amd64 architecture image there are also images for armv6, armv7 and arm64 processors. This feature was asked some time ago, so now you can run it on rasperry pi devices.

Additional to that, the PR adds support for versioned image tags. This means that additional to the latest tag there are additional tags in the form of:

  • Major (x)
  • Minor (x.y)
  • Patch (x.y.z)

So now the images have been started to be tagged form version 1 (1, 1.0, 1.0.0), and will be updated according to the type of change top the code. For example, major enhancements to the code will increase the major version, minor ones will increase the minor version and fixed bugs will increase the patch version. You can read more about semantic versioning here.

Having versioned tags in software are useful to be able to pin to an specific version and avoid breaking something with future updates to it. Having only the latest version tag we were prone to that. This image does not change that much, but there always will be a chance for a bug to creep in and somethings breaks. This versioned tags make this image more safe to use.

If you have any questions about the new versioning scheme or the multiarch images, open an issue in the discussion section.